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 2014 NZAFTA AGM minutes

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PostSubject: 2014 NZAFTA AGM minutes    Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:51 pm


3pm AGM start
Members of WAGC, NHAGC, PARPA, NRC, and MCASA clubs present
Delegates from present clubs:
Brian Furth - WAGC
Maurice Hedger - NHAGC
Raewyn Magon - PARPA
Brandon Syme - NRC
Adam Welsh - MCASA
Absent with apologies - Speedy VanZyl - TARC

Board of Governors present
Alex Magon - President
Brett Nixon - Competition Secretary
Andrew Ng - Governor
Absent with apologies - Dave Lum -NZAFTA Secretary

President opens meeting with a welcome to all, and the reminder that only club delegates (and governors on constitutional ammendments) have voting rights.

Presidents report, talks of main event for the last year being the wftf worlds held in nz, acknowledgement of target failure, and apology thereof. Acknowledges and thanks to all volunteers logistically, physically, and materially including overseas competitors.
Gives thanks to Andy Kay's for his support and role, Brandon Syme for trophy, certificate, and worlds 2014 event badge design and manufacture, Raewyn Magon for the "goodie bag " supply and assembly, and also Adam Welsh for his many roles in the event .
Congratulates all winners, competitors, volunteers, and outsourced work such as caterers.
Acknowledges end of presidents term and wishes the best for the next president and elected governors for moving the sport forward.

ELECTION OF OFFICES - voted on by club delegates , casting vote on behalf of their clubs decision
Nominations: Brett Nixon, nominated PARPA, Seconded MCASA - for 5
                         Brian Further, nominated WAGC - for 1,
Brett Nixon voted in as President by majority vote of member clubs

Nomination: Adam Welsh, nominated TARC, 2nd PARPA,
the incoming Board of Governors have the right to appoint someone to this position for the remainder of the term (1year) to bring back into line the 2/2 BOGs retiring system at which point the appointed person would either step down or be elected back into position by a majority vote of the member clubs at the AGM 2015.

Competition Secretary
Nominations: David Johnston, nominated TARC, 2nd NRC
                         Alex Magon, nominated MCASA, 2nd PARPA - WITHDRAWN
David Johnston voted in by unanimous decision of all member clubs

The 4th governing position is held by Andrew Ng , with 1 year remaining in term

(Listed per club, as per the agenda of the meeting handed to all club reps)
1 - All FT clubs in NZ should introduce HFT to the clubs activities to attract new shooters, explained by Rob Cawood (NHAGC) that new shooters were sometimes put of returning by feeling out of depth when seeing the "race guns" etc, and HFT might have more appeal and get a lot more new people returning due to the visibly lower budget appearance.
(Alex explains that under the constitution NZAFTA is here to further and promote outdoor air gunning sports in NZ, so the mandate is already there for this, while remembering that each club is responsible for their own affairs, so introducing other forms of outdoor airgun sports is at each clubs discretion, but agreeing that another code such as HFT has its place in club activities)

2- Proposes that 1 qualifier round of each club be a part of a national points series.
ie: top 6 scores from 8 shoots for each entrant count towards points series, with the function of increasing shooters skill levels and competitiveness through more competitive competition.
Discussion amongst all, with a general move towards a GP series being worked out and introduced, bogs to work with Carl Robinson
Motion put to introduce GP series , with BoGs to work with Carl Robinson to finalise details and post to all club reps, in time to introduce in the next season .
Motion by NHAGC, 2nd NRC, voted unanimous all in favour

1- Proposed constitutional change that :
Member clubs need only one member to attend a shoot anywhere for the club to remain in good standing needs to be scrapped
That active voting members clubs must have :
minimum 6 financial members
minimum of 6 clubs shoots per year
minimum of 1 invitational shoot per year (not shared with another club)
Have autonomous members so that the club can function regardless
Have independent ranges  so that the club can function regardless and to stop someone "taking the ball and going home"

After discussion from WAGC and Alex, the motion was amended to:
Club must have minimum 6 members and hold minimum 6 shoots per year
2nd NRC, voted for 2 , against 3

2- Proposals on;y being submitted and discussed at the AGM with only those who are present, ie: if anything needed to be changed having to wait up to a year to submit anything. Can proposals beput forward during the course of the year. Equal and fair representation of all air gunning clubs that belong to the association, not to let NZAFTA be ruled by the same group. Update the constitution which is 5 years old
Alex explains constitutional change vs rules change and proposals
Adam Welsh reminds that constitutional changes can only be voted on at an AGM
Alex reminds that NZAFTA BoG is decided by member clubs nominations and majority votes
Michael Dye makes suggestion that for future submissions should be requested in 2 parts - constitutional and rules/proposals (Noted as positive suggestion to be used for further AGM's)
Brett Nixon reminds all that proposals can be put through to the governors during the course of the year, and with new dedicated forum providing line of contact and discussion this will be easier.

3- WAGC moves to have universal power limit of 28ft/lbs for HP across all nzafta sanctioned events
2nd NRC , voted for 2 against 3
BoGs to work with club reps to establish power limit agreed on by all clubs prior to start of upcoming season

4- WAGC moves to drop qualifying rounds for Nationals and open event to all bona fide financial members of nzafta affiliated clubs
2nd NRC,  voted for 3, against 1, absteined 1
Passed in conjunction with the adoption of a GP points series for those that wish to shoot amongst others in a competitive scene at varying clubs.
BoGs to work with Carl Robinson to establish and finalise details and post out details to club reps for introduction at the start of 2015

1- Motion to do away with National Championships as a club hosted event

"Ranges" should be safety certified as required by the police under the nz police range safety manual
The manual states that " any person who operates a range" commits an offence and is liable for prosecution if that range is not "safe"
Discussion from Brian Furth and John Martin regarding the procedures involved in certifying their ranges, and who to contact, ideas for other clubs to help bring them into line for certification.
As pointed out by Brian Furth of WAGC, it is not the responsibility of NZAFTA to provide range safety certification, but the responsibility of the clubs themselves, in the interests of their members and visitors safety.
NZAFTA will assist in enabling the process where able, but range safety certification must be done by a recognized range inspector. TSNZ, deerstalkers, and MSC should be able to either provide , or give names thereof.

this motion did not need voting on as it is now a legal requirement, not an nzafta initiated move.
regardless it was voted for by 4 of the clubs present, and against by 1

Clubs should move to certify their ranges safe, or if unable to certify current range look to relocate where possible. Clubs with questions or issues regarding this subject may wish to contact either Brian Furth (WAGC) or John Martin (NRC) as they have both had recent experience in the procedures in gaining range certification.

3- Motion to allow the president the constituted powers to suspend any individual in addition to any member club, and to be able to act retrospectively

Michael Dye points out that this can not go through as NZAFTA does not have individual members, NZAFTA's member ARE the clubs. Also that such a God Like motion should not be allowed to pass as it is not and never would be in the interests of fairness.

This had been 2nd by TARC, so went to vote
for 2, against 4

1- moves to conducted all NZAFTA business on a dedicated NZAFTA forum, with registrations only to members of NZAFTA affiliated clubs or WFTF affiliated RGBs
Forum to provide a direct line of contact and discussion between club reps/delegates and BoGs in the interest of being able to discuss any ideas for moving the sport forward or promoting growth within the membership
2nd TARC voted for 4, against 0, absteined 1

2- moves to make HP and 12ft/lb rules the same , following the WFTF rules, with the addition of a set power limit for HP to be as agreed by all clubs from earlier motion passed.
2nd NRC , voted for 4 , absteined 1

Review and update constitution where applicable, NZAFTA President in conjunction with NZAFTA Secretary and BoGs
Update NZAFTA Rule sets in conjunction with NZAFTA Competition Secretary, with a publicly viewable rules set available preferably prior to the competition shooting rounds of 2015
The above werent motions to be voted on but statements of action required due to motions passed already this AGM.


Formal thanks to those who contributed to the running of the NZAFTA hosted World FT Champs, physically, materially, or logistically.
Targets from the worlds to be distributed as per the sponsors wishes, recipients will be contacted privately to arrange collection/delivery of
Financial Report for WFTF World Championships 2014, Wellington, Read out by Alex, and has been included in AGM agenda given out to club delegates

AGM closed by Alex Magon , outgoing NZAFTA president, at approximately 5pm

NZAFTA governor 2011 - 2016
NZAFTA competition secretary 2013, 2014
NZAFTA president 2014 -- 2016

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2014 NZAFTA AGM minutes
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