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 Wftf Wind indicator rule updated

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Wftf Wind indicator rule updated Empty
PostSubject: Wftf Wind indicator rule updated   Wftf Wind indicator rule updated EmptyThu Jun 11, 2015 10:54 pm

After the recent controversy regarding the addition to the wind indicator definition in the WFTF comprehensive rules, much debate has occurred within the wftf rgb's.
This has lead to a vote on a proposal, in which 29 of the RGBs all returned with the same answer - target strings are to be allowed - effective inmeadiately .

With the target reset strings being used since the inception of the sport, this may seem as common sense to the masses, but it is also a small victory having them now written into the rule set as an allowable form of wind indication.

The nzafta rules will be updated shortly to reflect this change.

Brett Nixon
NZAFTA President

NZAFTA governor 2011 - 2016
NZAFTA competition secretary 2013, 2014
NZAFTA president 2014 -- 2016
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Wftf Wind indicator rule updated
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